Online Registation 2019

Welcome to our Online Registration Form 2019 !

Online registration provides a fast track for students who wish to enroll at Pusat Tuisyen Prodidik Jaya.

Please note that the registration process will only be finalized after the tuition fees will have been paid – further instructions will be provided during the online registration process.
Please respect that we cannot be held responsible for holding students spots if the registration and tuition fees were not paid before the start of class.

‼️Latest Update on Prodidik Jaya Tuition Centre classes‼️
To all Parents & Students,

🌟Be informed that our online classes are live teaching with our teachers. Students will be able to learn, ask questions and get materials from the teachers that cover the exact subjects in real time just like our normal classes at our tuition centre. So, parents and students can rest assured and continue your classes in accordance to the tuition centre's schedule that you have already registered in using our online learning platform, Zoom. Our classes are not recordings - we use Zoom as live-conference platform. So, it is crucial for our students to join all of the classes that they have registered for.🤗

✅Although there are a lot of additional effort and cost incurred to provide the online classes, we will not charge any additional cost to our students. Tuition fee for online classes can be paid via online bank transaction only
because we are obviously unable to meet the students in person.

We hope that our students will enjoy the online classes but we are also looking forward to seeing you all in our centre again soon.

Best regards and stay safe at home to all!🤗

Pusat Tuisyen Prodidik Jaya

Education through Motivation and Inspiration

The founders of our tuition center are two passionate and experienced teachers. It is extremely important for us that all of our tutors have a high-quality background and teaching skill.

We go beyond enabling our students to score good grades in exams - our ultimate goal is to guide them to professional and social excellence.

What parents like most about our tuition center is the demanding but at the same time enjoyable learning atmosphere that brings out the best of our students.

We ensure that every student receives four lessons per month regardless of public or school holidays.

Proven Track Record

The quality of our teaching is proven from the results our students achieve in major examinations such as UPSR, PT3,SPM,IGCSE, O and A LEVEL.

This is confirmed by the great feedback we have received from parents and students over the years.

Please check out Our Feedback Page.


Our founder, Mrs. Cheen (Chuah Ju Nah), and co-founder, Mr. Cheen, have been working as home tutors and in tuition centers around Klang Valley for more than 25 years. They decided to establish their own tuition center Pusat Tuisyen Prodidik Jaya in 2015 to convey their teaching philosophy and skills directly to the students. Throughout the years, the numbers and demand of parents and students increased drastically, testifying the quality and success of our teaching.

Our Tutors

The founders have hand-picked the tutors based on their own long-standing experience.

Please check out Our Teachers.

Contact Data

Pusat Tuisyen Prodidik Jaya
37-2, Jalan Puteri 5/7, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
(5 mins walk from Bandar Puteri LRT station =>Get Directions)

Telephone: 019 381 2179 (Juna / Mrs Cheen), 019 388 2179 (Mr Cheen)
WhatsApp: =>Ask questions via WhatsApp
facebook: =>Pusat-Tuisyen-Prodidik-Jaya

Registration 2018

Dear parents & students,

We are pleased to inform you that our centre is open for 2018 registration from now until 11 Dec 2017.

We invite you to use our new Online Registration for fast tracking your enrollment.

Please note that our centre will be closed from 12 Dec until 29 Dec. You can reach us through email ( or whatsapp us at 019-3812179 or 019-3882179. We will reply the soonest possible.

Best regards,

Juna/ Mrs Cheen

The teachers of our Tuition Center Pusat Tuisyen Prodidik Jaya.

Our Teachers

Mr. Cheen Kah Chuan
Mr. Cheen is the Chairman and co-founder of Pusat Tuisyen Prodidik Jaya. He believes ‘A good teacher teaches but a great teacher inspires’. He graduated from UKM majoring in Mathematics. Teaching over 28 years has been his strong pillar to be well-versed with any levels of Mathematics starting from the lower secondary, upper secondary, O Level, IGCSE, A Level up till to the university levels such as Ausmat (Australian Matriculation Programme), CIMP (Canadian International Programme and MUFY(Monash University Foundation Year). He always believes that ample practice makes students acquire skills in solving mathematical problems. Mr Cheen always guides students from the struggling ones to high achievers by simplifying Maths concepts and coaching them to think critically to solve problems. He cultivates a fun and interesting learning environment which encourages active question and discussion sessions. Adept at Mathematics, he has a motto, ‘How much you harvest relies on how much effort you incorporate’, which serves as motivation for his students to improve in Mathematics.
Mrs. Cheen (Juna)
Mrs. Cheen (Juna) is the Founder and Principal of Pusat Tuisyen Prodidik Jaya. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts (Pengajaran Bahasa Melayu) in 1992. She holds a Diploma of Education from University of Malaya. She began teaching on a part-time basis during her undergraduate days. She taught in SMK Taman Desa before pursuing her Master’s degree in Linguistics in University of Malaya. Mrs Cheen is known for being a dedicated and goal-driven educator in Malay Language with over 31 years of teaching experience. Having the thought that language is an aesthetic branch of studies, she believes that emphasis should be given on pedagogical skills to develop and manage the content of the lessons. She has created various techniques to improve essay writing which has been the major struggle among secondary school students. She has nurtured the linguistic potential of thousands of students in Bahasa Melayu with various methods in her classes. She has even conducted seminars for PT3 and SPM students.
Mr. Yap Yuien Kent
Mr. Yap Yuien Kent graduated from Shanghai Jiatong University in Chinese Language majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. Upon graduation, Mr Yap taught as SM Sri Kdu from 2012 to May 2017. Then moved forward to Inspiros International School as a Team Lead specifically for the Mandarin Department.
Presently he is teaching both in Cempaka International and National school with his momentous contribution in this line for 14 years now. Most importantly, he is a versatile educator, well versed in various syllabi and his effective teaching methods has yielded great results and drastic improvement among students.
Ms. Maimuna
Ms. Maimuna, holding a Master’s Degree in English Language Studies from Universiti Malaya, boasts over 5 years of teaching expertise, spanning from instructing young children as young as 4 to mentoring young adults. Presently, she dedicates her skills as an English educator at Sri KDU Secondary School, where her passion and compassion for teaching English shine brightly. Beyond language proficiency, Ms. Maimuna is committed to nurturing students’ confidence and motivation, embodying patience, adaptability, and a keen ability to tailor her teaching methods to suit diverse learning styles. Her unwavering commitment to fostering holistic development makes her an exceptional educator who strives to empower her students not only with language proficiency but with essential life skills as well.
Mr. Syed Anwar
Mr. Syed Anwar is a renowned, determined and strong-minded teacher with excellent academic accomplishment. He is currently holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics(Hons). With his wealth of full time teaching experience and tutoring for 17 years in various institutions and tuition centres in Klang Valley, Mr Syed Anwar is able to work with students to maximize their fullest potential. From his constant guidance and seminars, he guides students to scoring As in Physics. His teaching style never emphasize solely on memorization instead it aims to think critically besides the ability to yield towards a solution independently. He is also an authoritarian who believes in giving the best shot of the pupils, amiable personality that makes teaching fun and captivates attention with dynamic, interactive lessons. Presently, he dedicates his skills as a Physics educator for IGCSE at Saint International School.
Dr Deneshweren
Dr Deneshweren holds a PhD in Psychology as well as a Bachelor’s of Art in Accounting & Finance with first class honour from Staffordshire University. He also holds a MBA in Finance. Currently he is pursuing PHD in Child Psychology and Management. Presently, he dedicates his skills as an Accounting and Business Studies educator at Tzu Chi International School. He also has great interest and passion in Life Sciences hence adds a distinctive style being a great Science teacher as well. He makes effort to stay abreast of the changes in MOE curriculum. He firmly believes that some life lessons are more valuable than scoring As’ per say on a piece of paper. Mr Deneshweren incorporates character building in his teaching in order to allow students not only to become high achievers from the academic perspective but simultaneously to mature as an individual. He designs each and every single class to not only serves as an educational element, but also with a mix of entertainment to help students comprehend the subject matter well.
Dr Melisa Wong
Dr Melissa Wong is a young, vibrant and high-spirited educator. She graduated in Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (MBBS) at Taylor’s University in 2018. She has obtained 9As in SPM and completed her AUSMAT with 85 ATAR. She has always been the top scorer for Biology since high school. After leaving high school, she has been teaching in various tuition centres to self-support her education. As independent as she is socially and financially, she incorporates her self-reliant personalities in her teaching methods – well prepared, spontaneous, Biology theories within her grasp without holding books or notes. By getting her students to stay excited and motivated about the subject matter, she wholeheartedly encapsulates students’ attention to love Biology. Students find her very approachable. She is even able to understand the areas of weaknesses adopted in the subject and constantly reforms to cater to their needs.
  Mr. Mukuntan
Mr. Mukuntan, a graduate in Bachelors of Business majoring in Finance and Banking, is an experienced History teacher at SM Sri KDU. He has about 12 years’ experience teaching specifically in this subject for the lower secondary, higher secondary and IGCSE. He uses his experience as a school teacher to stay abreast with the current changes of syllabus. He had always been an ardent and enthusiastic teacher and with various internal courses and trainings assigned, makes him view History as a real significant subject to understand our past, present which in turn increases the cross-cultural awareness and understanding. Owing to his passion about the Malaysian and World History, he is truly a great and remarkable History teacher. Providing valuable insights and an ultimate aspiration for every student, he believes paper qualifications is necessary, yet what gets further, is the appreciation to love History.
Mr. Jaganesan
Mr. Jaganesan is widely known as a Chemistry specialist. He holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from INTI International College and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering From University of Sunderland. Throughout the years of teaching, he understands the obstacles most students face in order to achieve good grades in Chemistry. To date, he has empowered hundreds of students to experience Chemistry learning with a difference and to unlock the secret to achieve the grades they truly deserve. He believes that every student will shine when equipped with the right knowledge and the tools. His coaching experience helps him to understand the true reasons behind students who are not performing well in Chemistry. Currently he is attached to a few tuition centres around Klang Valley.
Mr. Logenthiran
Mr. Logenthiran, a finance and investment graduate from UCSI University is profoundly well trained in the field of actuarial science. His love and skills in Mathematics ever since primary schooling led towards making this profession a desirable, delightful everyday routine. At present, he is a top performing Additional Mathematics and Mathematics teacher at Saint International School who produces 85% distinction rates for his IGCSE and checkpoint students. Besides the Cambridge syllabus, he has 14 years of experience teaching the Malaysian syllabus and alongside, produced hundreds of students with distinction grades. His style of teaching is known with a straightforward approach with crystal clear commentary and tonnes of practices pertaining the subject matter which even includes the HOTS questions. He believes that constant practice makes a large deal of improvement, a known key to confidence in the field of Mathematics.
Ms. Lee Choi Hoong
Ms. Lee graduated from UPM in Bachelor of Science majoring in Biology. She is a caring and organized tutor offering more than 12 years of classroom teaching and private tutoring experience. She customized tutoring and instructional approaches to meet the need of students including test-taking strategies, note taking and studying for examination, also helping them to develop critical-thinking skills . She always put on a cheerful disposition during the class to make learning fun. Beyond teaching, she is passionate to find different ways to keep the students feeling encouraged, inspired, and motivated as she strongly believes that a teacher is not just teaching the syllabus but inculcate good values.
Ms. Michelle Chek
Ms. Michelle Chek has a Degree in Child Psychology from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) with 20 years of teaching experience. She was a former school teacher at the government school and is diligently familiar with the primary syllabi. She loves teaching and exploring new teaching strategies in which her students learn in an entertaining way. She believes the best reward is to be able to help students achieve their full academic and personal potential.
Mr. Lee Zhi Hong
Mr. Lee Zhi Hong, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, brings 10 years of industry experience to the classroom, tempering academic knowledge with practical insights. Beyond scientific proficiency, Mr. Lee is committed to nurturing students’ confidence and independence, guiding them in gradual stages to master the skills necessary for lifelong learning. His unwavering commitment to fostering holistic development makes him an exceptional educator who strives to empower his students not only with scientific knowledge but with skills that extend beyond the classroom as well.