This is our dedicated Physics teacher, Mr. Syed Anwar.

Before MCO, Mr. Syed Anwar is able to help his students unleash their fullest potential with his teaching style. He wants his students to be able to think critically so they can figure out the solutions to any Physics problem independently. With his experience and guidance, his students continue to flourish!

Now, during MCO, Mr. Syed Anwar is still able to guide his students, while all of them are safe at home. His lessons are still as interactive as ever because he has come up with interesting online lessons for his students.

Our teachers at Pusat Tuisyen Prodidik Jaya still strive to deliver quality education for the students even at home. With experienced teachers and interactive online platform, Pusat Tusiyen Prodidik Jaya will help polish our students’ potential!

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SPM Crash Course & Exam Preparation in November

We are offering 22 hours of SPM Crash Courses for 7 SUBJECTS for ONLY RM 180: 

BM 2nd November, 6.30-9.30pm
Physics3rd November, 7.00-10.00pm
Add Maths12th November, 10.00am-1.00pm
Biology – 15th November, 8.00-10.00pm & 23rd November, 12.00-2.00pm
Sejarah – 16th November, 10.00am-1.00pm
Chemistry – 19th November, 7.00-10.00pm
Account – 23rd November, 3.00-6.00pm

These courses will focus on all the most important topics and questions you need to know to prepare for your exams.

No need to revise by yourself when you can get everything from our highly-experienced teachers!

Contact us now :

  • 019-381 2179 (Juna / Mrs Cheen)
  • 019-388 2179 (Mr Cheen)

Seminar A+ SPM 2019

Seminar A+ SPM 2019 is here!

To all SPM candidates, Pusat Tuisyen Prodidik Jaya has the ULTIMATE 2 DAY workshop for you. This workshop will have a more focused approach on revision of SPM Subjects with tips and techniques from highly experienced teachers. Participants will receive campus tour and so much more!

You will also get FREE 3 HOURS intensive Add Maths class at Pusat Tuisyen Prodidik Jaya on 12th Nov, 10AM-1PM when you join this seminar!

Register now before you miss the chance!

Contact Us Now for more information:

> 019-381 2179 (Juna / Mrs Cheen)

> 019-388 2179 (Mr Cheen)