Online Registration – Thank You

Call Save Function and provide Thank You text

Congratulation, you have finished filling the Registration Form!
A copy of the Online Registration Summary has been sent to your eMail address if provided.
Please note that the registration process will only be finalized after the tuition fees will have been paid.
Please do not forget to visit our center Pusat Tuisyen Prodidik Jaya OR to transfer the tuition fee to our account (see Tuition Fees -> Payment Methods) to finalize the registration before the start of classes.
Please respect that we cannot be held responsible for holding students spots if the registration and tuition fees were not paid before the start of class.
If you have any further enquiries, please contact 019 381 2179 (Juna / Mrs Cheen) or 019 388 2179 (Mr Cheen) or email us at
Thank You! We are looking forward to seeing you at Pusat Tuisyen Prodidik Jaya!